This week I’m hosting a long-term friend of mine, Norma Levinson-Sedler, who is a talented writer and gifted rhymester. She has written the ‘ditty’ below, which is called ‘The Aftermath of the Ten Plagues.’ Enjoy!

Moses Crossy

Also Bossy

We don’t Likey

This long Hikey

Sun is Bakey

Feet are achey

Air is scaldy

O, Vivaldi!

Nasty Wavey

Not so Bravey

Bloody Muddy

Mumble Grumble

Manna Crummy

Dicey Tummy

Forty Yeary

Weary Dreary


Up there

Moses goeses

Days are Forty

People Naughty

Dancy Prancy

Taking Chancy

Pretty Calfy

Made of Goldy

Moses Scoldy

Splutter stutter

Loses raggy

Chucks from Craggy

Smashy Bashy

Wordy Lordy.

God Almighty

What a frighty.

Forty lines

Is in this story

Getting borey

God in Heaven

Thanks for Leaven

Nessun Dorma

Good night. Norma