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  1. Dorothea,

    I went to Kilburn Grammar School 1952 to 1959 and also experience constant Antisemitism until in the final years when college entrance was looming, it became fashionable to find a Jewish study companion as it was realized that sports and popularity wasn’t enough to get into college!

    I must say it didn’t occur to me that the girls school was also rife with Antisemitism too!

    It wasn’t fair that we were separated as for sure the Jews would have found each other. But at that time, our teach told us it was totally impractical to study with girls as we would need special ventilation!

    My sister, Fay Kelman went to Brondsbury and Kilburn too. Perhaps you met her or Judy Blinder?

    Do you happen to have links to class pictures?

    Anyway, my greetings,

    Asher David Kelman M.D., Ph.D.


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